Coronavirus Diary (8): Blood Donations Needed

This is from Marissa Cangin, an acquaintance of mine through my old friend, William Dale. Both work at City of Hope National Medical Center in California. William is Arthur M. Coppola Family Chair in Supportive Care Medicine there, and Marissa is an Assistant Clinical Professor–a clinical psychologist–in the Department of Supportive Care. (Marissa’s specialty is roughly what Felician’s PsyD program trains for.) My heartfelt gratitude to both of them, and to everyone at City of Hope (and elsewhere), for doing what they do. My preferred blood-donation organization happens to be the Red Cross, and I’m going to make my way over there–in my case, Flemington, NJ–at first opportunity. Please take Marissa’s suggestion to heart.

Marissa Cangin
March 18 at 7:38 PM ·
Hello friends and family, if you are feeling well and are able to, please consider donating blood. We are experiencing a national shortage and this is a very straightforward way to help others. A lot of us are feeling helpless right now during this time of uncertainty. I donated yesterday and almost became tearful with gratitude that I had an opportunity to feel like I was doing something. Just some fun facts for you: 1 pint of blood can save up to three lives, the people at the donor center take all the necessary precautions to keep everything sterile and safe, and they have the BEST snacks ever. Here’s a photo of me wearing my favorite new shoes made out of recycled plastic water bottles and my white coat being used as a blanket while I donated in between seeing my patients at the cancer center. Hugs to you all and I hope you all stay well! 💗

Edited to add: thank you, William Dale, for reminding us that “social distancing“ is not necessarily what is called for right now. Physical distancing is called for right now but social connectedness and supporting each other emotionally, is more than called for right now.

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