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Textbook by Felician faculty:

Ethical Choices: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy with Cases

(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011).

Richard Burnor is Professor of Philosophy at Felician College. Dr. Burnor has also published articles in the philosophy of science, metaphysics, and teaching philosophy.

Yvonne Raley was Associate Professor of Philosophy at Felician College, and has published articles in metaphysics and ethics.


Published Versions of Plenary Lectures Given at the Spring Conference

Virginia HeldHow Terrorism Is Wrong: Morality and Political Violence (Oxford, 2008), chapter 2 given as plenary lecture at 1st Annual Felician Ethics Conference (March 17, 2007), “Terrorism and Military Intervention.”

Robert Talisse, “Why I Am Not a Pluralist,” Southwest Philosophical Review, vol 26:1 (2010), pp. 5-15, given as plenary lecture at 2nd Annual Conference (May 3, 2008), under the title “Against Pluralism.”

Holly Smith, “Subjective Rightness,” Social Philosophy & Policy, vol. 27:2 (Summer 2010), pp. 64-110, given as plenary lecture at 3rd Annual Conference (April 18, 2009).

Christopher Morris, “The Trouble with Justice,” in Paul Bloomfield ed. Morality and Self-Interest (Oxford, 2008), given as plenary lecture at 4th Annual  Conference (April 24, 2010), under the title “Why Be Just?” (also published as “The Trouble with Justice,” [PDF] Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly 24:3 (2004), pp. 14-20.

John Hare, “Is Goodness without God Rationally Stable?” in Is Goodness without God Good Enough? A Debate on Faith, Secularism, and Ethics (Rowman and Littlefield, 2009), ed. Robert K Garcia and Nathan King.

Peter Simpson, “Political Illiberalism,” in Political Illiberalism (Transaction, 2015), given as the plenary lecture at the 8th Annual Conference.

James Stacey Taylor, “Markets in Political Votes: A Moral Defense,” forthcoming in Toxic Trade, given as the plenary lecture at the 9th Annual Conference.


Published Versions of Papers Given at the Fall Colloquium

Steven RossReview of Robert Talisse, Democracy and Moral Conflict, in Essays in Philosophy, vol. 14, issue 1, given at the 1st Annual Author-Meets-Critics Colloquium (Oct. 27, 2012).

Published Versions of Papers Given at the Spring Conference

Robert Fischer, “Why Incest Is Usually Wrong,” Philosophy in the Contemporary World (June 2012), pp. 17-31, given at the 6th Annual Conference (April 21, 2012).

Robert J. Hartman, “Against Luck-Free Moral Responsibility,” Philosophical Studies (online publication February 2016), pp. 1-21, given at the 9th Annual Conference (April 25, 2015).

Jason Raibley, “Health and Well-Being,” Philosophical Studies (online publication, May 2012), given at the 3rd Annual Conference (April 18, 2009).

Published Versions of Presentations Given at the Workshop in Philosophy and Normative Theory

Donald Casey, “Rumi: Faith, Knowledge, Reason, and Love,” The Fountain Magazine (March-April 2012), presented Feb. 29, 2010.

Stephen Grimm, “Understanding as Knowledge of the Cause,” forthcoming in Virtue Scientia: Essays in Philosophy of Science and Virtue Epistemology, ed. Abrol Fairweather, in a special issue of Synthese.

Irfan Khawaja, “‘Why They Hate Us’: A Pedagogical Proposal,” in Yvonne Raley and Gerhard Preyer ed., Philosophy of Education in the Era of Globalization (Routledge, 2010), presented April 14, 2008.

Robert Talisse, “Impunity and Domination: A Puzzle for Republicanism,” in European Journal of Political Theory (online publication Dec. 3, 2012), presented Jan. 27, 2012.

NB: If you’ve published something that you presented at a Felician event, please send that information along, so that we can post it here. The preceding list is very far from complete.