Coronavirus Diary (17): Geriatric Oncology during COVID-19

Here’s a press release from an old friend that I’ve mentioned here a couple of times before, William Dale MD, the Arthur M. Coppola Family Chair in Supportive Care Medicine at the City of Hope in Duarte, California. William specializes in geriatric oncology, the treatment of cancer in older patients, which for obvious reasons presents severe challenges during an event like the COVID-19 pandemic. His pushback against the repulsive ageism that has recently come to the surface of our discourse is an enormous relief to read. Continue reading

Coronavirus Diary (8): Blood Donations Needed

This is from Marissa Cangin, an acquaintance of mine through my old friend, William Dale. Both work at City of Hope National Medical Center in California. William is Arthur M. Coppola Family Chair in Supportive Care Medicine there, and Marissa is an Assistant Clinical Professor–a clinical psychologist–in the Department of Supportive Care. (Marissa’s specialty is roughly what Felician’s PsyD program trains for.) My heartfelt gratitude to both of them, and to everyone at City of Hope (and elsewhere), for doing what they do. My preferred blood-donation organization happens to be the Red Cross, and I’m going to make my way over there–in my case, Flemington, NJ–at first opportunity. Please take Marissa’s suggestion to heart. Continue reading