Assuming the Original Position

Say what you want about John Rawls, but he doesn’t deserve to be invoked by Alan Dershowitz in defense of Donald Trump–on the floor of the U.S. Senate, no less. And yet here we are.

Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought.

Curious what Trump or Dershowitz think of that one, or if they have any idea what it means.

Dershowitz on Rawls at 3:23:30:

3 thoughts on “Assuming the Original Position

  1. Okay, I just tried his test (which isn’t the same as the Veil of Ignorance anyway, but never mind). If Trump were a Democrat but were otherwise identical … yeah, screw him.

    Well, maybe that’s not a fair test, since neither Republicans nor Democrats are shoes for my feet.

    So suppose Trump were a member of the LP … Nah, my identification with the LP is not very strong, still a poor test.

    Okay, suppose Trump were a member of C4SS ….

    Well, we’ve had a few C4SS members who turned out to be creepazoids of one flavour or another. We promptly kicked them all out.

    Alright then, I think I pass Dershowitz’s test. Trump-B-Gone.

    (I’m just glad his test didn’t involve waterboarding.)

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