Covering Jerusalem: A response to Jacques Delacroix

I’d been thinking of writing some free-standing posts on the aftermath of the shooting two weeks ago at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (July 14), but haven’t gotten the chance. Meanwhile, here’s a long response I wrote at Notes on Liberty to Jacques Delacroix’s post, “A short note on the riots in Jerusalem.” Scroll down for my comments.

As some of you may know, I spent most of the month of July in Jerusalem and vicinity, and spent a fair bit of time observing the events in question. It’s notable that for Americans, “what happened” can be reduced to a shooting on July 14, an Israeli decision to put metal detectors at the entrance to Al Aqsa Mosque, and rioting by Palestinians. Suffice it to say that in this as in so many matters, there is a large gap between what Americans end up hearing about Israel and Palestine and what actually happens there. But that’s a longer story than I can tell at the moment.

Postscript, August 8, 2017: The discussion continues here.

5 thoughts on “Covering Jerusalem: A response to Jacques Delacroix

  1. Reading through your response to Delacroix, and in particular your response to the Wikipedia article, it occurs to me that a big-impact move for you might be participating in reforming that (and other) Wikipedia entries. I don’t know how the politics of Wikipedia goes or what is required to be effective in shaping a Wikipedia article. But potentially a big impact for you getting facts and values regarding Israel/Palestine out there into the consensus that are not.

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