Belated Blogcation

Back in February, I threatened to go on a temporary vacation from blogging. Like so many of the threats and promises I make at PoT, I didn’t follow through–but with a new online course on my plate, and a  conference to organize, I’m thinking that a few weeks’ blogging hiatus would be the better part of valor.

It’s not a bad time to take a break, as we have plenty of material on tap: David Potts still has weeks of material left to blog from his “Morals and the Free Society” series, and Michael Young tells me that he’s going to be blogging material on Nomy Arpaly and Tim Schroeder’s In Praise of Desire. I’ll check the blog for comment approvals, but intend to keep my own commenting to a minimum, and fully intend (this time) to put a (temporary) kibosh on my own posting. (Those of you who have editing powers at PoT should feel free to approve comments at your discretion. You needn’t wait for me to do it, especially if the comment in question concerns one of your posts.)

In other news, I’m happy to report that I will once again be teaching political philosophy at Al Quds University this summer. (I’m still working on my Gaza and Pine Ridge plans.) I’m told that the Israeli military has been making repeated armed incursions onto campus and into Abu Dis. But my daimonion says: the show must go on.

And for those of you in the area, I’ll be giving a talk this May 21st (@1 pm) in Princeton, New Jersey: “The Israeli Occupation: What It Is, Why It Matters, What to Do About It.” The talk will take place at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton but is sponsored by String of Pearls Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation of Princeton. I believe that the talk is open to the general public (it would be a little self-defeating to restrict attendance to the orthodox in this case), but more on that as we get closer to the date. Thanks to Hilary Persky for organizing the event.

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