Blogging Hiatus (for real this time)

So I’m on my way to the office today, thinking,

I’ve been on a de facto blogging hiatus for the past two weeks, and am not sure when I’m going to get the chance to write again. Truth is, I simply can’t do justice to the blog while juggling all of my other commitments right now. Yes, I could write a lot of crap for the blog that would adversely affect my other commitments, but I can’t do justice to both.

In the past, I’ve threatened to go on blogging hiatus but not done it. Having been on blogging hiatus this time, I should hurry up and announce it before anyone draws attention to it, lest it look as though I’ve gone on blogging hiatus without announcing it. I mean, that would be absurd.

So I get here and discover that Riesbeck has posted just before I have, drawing explicit attention to my de facto blogging hiatus, and making it look for all the world as though I’ve gone on blogging hiatus without announcing it. Damn it all!

So guess what? I’m going on blogging hiatus. No, for real this time. I know I’ve threatened to do it before, and then “succumbed to weakness of will” or some such. But this is the Virtuous Me speaking. I’m taking a break from the blog. I really am.

I know I owe Alison, Ray, and Riesbeck himself some responses here (and Stephen Hicks a response at his blog), but I may well have to declare blogruptcy there, and leave my interlocutors the last word on treason, political gridlock, liberty, and terrorism–or leave them in the lurch, if you prefer to put it that way.

The bottom line is, whether I end up responding to them or not (no promises either way), I am going on my blogging hiatus–or more precisely, continuing with the blogging hiatus that began two weeks ago. I simply have too much on my plate right now–teaching, advising, event-planning, master’s psych work, “research agenda” (ha ha)–to be spending (much) time online. And I don’t see an end to this state of affairs, as I’ve elected to teach summer session at Felician rather than Al Quds this year (i.e., heavier teaching load), and may be starting a clinical internship this summer. I will try to squeeze a trip to Palestine in there, but probably won’t take my computer with me, for fear that someone at the American or Israeli border will confiscate it and use it for an electronic fishing expedition. Not that I have anything to hide.

Why do I put myself on a schedule like this? I’ll tell you candidly: I do it for the chicks.

So apart from some perfunctory event- or CFP-type announcements, I will be scarce-to-non-existent here and elsewhere online (e.g., on Facebook) for the foreseeable future. I promise to come back refreshed in…a little while (or a long while) with lots of interesting material well worth reading. Until then, I can only leave you in the capable hands of my blogleagues here at PoT, and promise some day to return. Some day.

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