Gimme a Break

I’ve decided to take a bit of a hiatus from active blogging. I’m just finding it impossible to blog and keep up with my other commitments–teaching, running a pre-law program, running an ethics institute, co-chairing a committee on leadership and social justice, and trying to get a degree in psychology. I’ll probably be taking at least a month off, but may well take the rest of the spring term off.

I’ll still be checking the site for first-comment approvals, so have no worries on that score. Fortunately, we now have a large enough crew at PoT to keep things going without me, so I’m sure they will. Things may well continue at a diminished rate of output, but you can bank on their continuing without a diminution in quality.

mos_080315122053.jpg (647×431)

Helll-ooo, Gaza!  Hey waiter, where’s my drink?

So I shall return in a month (or two or three). I’m once again hoping to spend the early part of the summer in Palestine (and the latter part of it on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation), so with any luck, my first post back at PoT may either be from just east of Container Checkpoint, or just south of Erez Crossing. Once there, I’ll be able to get some needed relief from the political sturm und drang of the American presidential race–sipping ice cold pina coladas on the sunny beaches of Gaza.

Virgin pina coladas, obviously.

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