Sabahat Zakariya: “Muslimish of New York”

As I said, I’m on hiatus from active blogging, but that doesn’t stop me from doing passive blogging. In case you’re wondering, this is what a passive post looks like.

So here’s my cousin Sabahat Zakariya on SoundCloud, doing a piece for NYU Radio called “Muslimish of New York.” It’s an amusing-informative description of the situation of the younger generation of Muslim American apostates–rejecting of Islam, but wary of Islamophobia. I know the feeling.

By way of introduction: Sabahat is a Falak Sufi Scholar in the Department of Near East Studies at New York University, and in the master’s program in journalism there. She’s a single mom, speaks in a thick Aitchison College brogue, and makes the best chicken biryani in Park Slope. She’s (kinda) promised to do some blogging at PoT, but she’s busy, so who knows.

2 thoughts on “Sabahat Zakariya: “Muslimish of New York”

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