Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Well, it looks like the pro-booster side has essentially won the argument, at least in the US, over whether boosters ought to be given for recipients of the Pfizer-Biontech COVID vaccine, six+ months after the second dose. My brother Suleman and I have (very incompletely) argued the case in favor of boosters here, here, and here. As front-line health care workers (he’s a physician, I worked in OR EVS), we got our first doses of the shot back in December 2020, and our second ones in January 2021. He works with COVID patients in a hospital, and I work in an increasingly crowded office. Neither of us had any sense of how much protection we were getting from the vaccine at this point.

Granted, there’s far more to be said on both sides of the argument, but the arguments against boosters have always struck me as less-than-compelling. So I’m gratified to see that, for practical purposes anyway, the issue has been decided in the right way. The Pfizer-Biontech booster is now being made available essentially for the asking. Suleman got his booster through his hospital; I got mine through my gym, affiliated with the Hunterdon Healthcare system.

Here I am receiving it in Lebanon, New Jersey at the capable hands of Abigail Recierdo-Edworthy, RN–who turns out (by sheer coincidence) to be a former philosophy student of mine from way back in 1999 at The College of New Jersey. “You had such a way with words!” she told me, evidently in tribute to my mad skills as an adjunct instructor in Phil 235, “Contemporary Moral Issues.” “You have such a way with needles,” I said in response.

Abigail now works in Occupational Health at Hunterdon Medical Center, where I worked in the OR until just a few months ago. Nice to be able to enact a “contemporary moral issue” in this very wholesome way, two decades after the fact.

And no–no side effects apart from a sore arm, 72 hours after the shot.

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