Virtual Molinari Society Panel on Rights

The Molinari Society will be holding its mostly-annual Eastern Symposium in conjunction with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association via Zoom (7-9 and 14-16 January). Only those who cough up the hefty registration fee will be able to access the session, so no chance of free-riding this time around (the APA’s decision, definitely not ours; the APA is both pragmatically and morally confused about the costs and benefits of allowing free-riding at its conferences, but that’s another story). But there’s a substantial student discount, verb. sap. Anyway, here’s the schedule info:

Molinari Society symposium:
Radical Rights Theory

[Two timeslots back to back; we haven’t yet sorted the order of speakers or who’ll be in which timeslot – it depends on some logistical details that remain to be worked out (check back here for updates).]

12K. Thursday, 14 January 2021, 9:00-10:50 a.m. E
13K. Thursday, 14 January 2021, 11:00 a.m.-12:50 p.m. E

Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)

Jesse Spafford (The Graduate Center, CUNY), “When ‘Enough and as Good’ Is Not Good Enough
Daniel Layman (Davidson College), “Keeping the Proviso in Its Place
Roderick T. Long (Auburn University), “How to Have Your No-Proviso Lockeanism and Eat It Too
Jason Lee Byas (University of Michigan), “Alienation, Forfeiture, and Two Concepts of Natural Rights
Cory Massimino (Center for a Stateless Society), “Two Cheers for Rothbardianism

See the full schedule here.

Were it not for the pandemic, I’d be heading to Manhattan for this event, preparing to dine with my co-panelists, to see friends in the NYC area, to catch up with colleagues in the profession, to visit some new museums, etc. But alas!

5 thoughts on “Virtual Molinari Society Panel on Rights

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  2. I truly regret not being able to attend this, and also regret dropping the ball on the invitation I extended to both Jason and Jesse back in 2019 to blog their papers here; the three of us had given papers at the conference of the North American Society for Social Philosophy in San Francisco (Michael Young gave one, as well). Then the pandemic intruded, as well as some personal issues of mine, and I was never able to follow through on my own invitation.

    If Jason and Jesse can be persuaded to blog either their 2019 material or this new material, I’d be more than happy to “host” it here at PoT–for all of the papers, in fact, not just theirs.


  3. UPDATE: The order of presentation for tomorrow’s panel will be:

    12K, 9:00-10:50am: Jason & Cory.

    13K, 11am-12:50pm: Dan, Jesse, and Roderick.


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