Virtual Molinari Society Panel on Rights: The Reboot

This coming Monday, April 5th, the Molinari Society will be holding its mostly-annual Pacific Symposium in conjunction with the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association via Zoom (5-10 April).

This panel has some overlap, both in personnel and in content, with the one we did in January for the Eastern APA, but it’s not identical.

Only those who cough up the hefty registration fee will be able to access the session, so no chance of free-riding this time around (the APA’s decision, definitely not ours; the APA is both pragmatically and morally confused about the costs and benefits of allowing free-riding at its conferences, but that’s another story). But there’s a substantial student discount, verb. sap. Anyway, here’s the schedule info:

Molinari Society symposium:
Radical Rights Theory

G2A. Monday, 5 April 2021, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Pacific time

Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)

Jesse Spafford (The Graduate Center, CUNY), “You Own Yourself and Nothing Else: A Radical Left-Libertarian Solution to the Self-Ownership Thesis’ Pollution Problem
Jason Lee Byas (University of Michigan), “Stolen Bikes & Broken Bones: Restitution as Defense
Zachary Woodman (Western Michigan University), “Extended Cognition as Property Acquisition
Gary Chartier (La Sierra University), “Natural Law and Socioeconomic Rights
Cory Massimino (Center for a Stateless Society), “Two Cheers for Rothbardianism
Roderick T. Long (Auburn University), “How to Have Your No-Proviso Lockeanism and Eat It Too

See the full schedule here.

I’ll be chairing the panel from the road, so let’s hope my motel’s wifi is up to the challenge. Still, can’t be worse than the Eastern session, when my power actually went out in the middle of it.

5 thoughts on “Virtual Molinari Society Panel on Rights: The Reboot

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  2. Good.
    I have a Kant session during that slot at Pacific, but if they have a failure, I’ll check your session out.
    Because I’m retired, I was able to attend Eastern, Central, and now Pacific. I really appreciate Zoom for this. Saved all that travel and hotel expense. Wish they could keep on doing it this way.


  3. Having looked further into what is on for that particular Kant session, I shall a half hour from now join instead the session of Roderick et al., earning merits for good American citizenship by keeping an eye on those sorts.


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