Aristotle on Free Will: One From the Vaults

Today I found that my 1992 Ph.D. dissertation, Free Choice and Indeterminism in Aristotle and Later Antiquity, is a free (to those with institutional access) download from UMI, so I decided to make it a free download for everybody.

Reducing and optimising the hell out of it only got it down from around 25 MB to around 18 MB, so I split it into four parts in order to get around the 5 MB maximum upload limit.

I haven’t OCR’d it because UMI has inserted renderable text on every page, which bizarrely blocks Acrobat’s OCR function, and getting around that is more hassle than it’s worth to me right now.

I still agree with what I say here in broad outlines, but not with every detail, and indeed I have a book manuscript, Aristotle on Fate and Freedom, that revises, updates, and supersedes the Aristotle portion of this. (It leaves out the sections on later antiquity.) That is better than this. But that’s not published, and this is, so here ya go.

The main thing I would want to retract today is the snarky remark about Los Angeles in the autobiographical sketch. L.A. is the bee’s knees, man! Not sure what my glitch was. (Of course it was inspired by a similar remark in Isaac Asimov’s bio, but that hardly justifies it.)

13 thoughts on “Aristotle on Free Will: One From the Vaults

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  2. 1. What do you think about free choice? Is it the freely chosen thoughts, or the acts that show our free nature?
    2. Everything, even our free choice, has limits. So how likely, in fact, would the limitations claim a choice to be ‘free’?


  3. On a somewhat related topic, I’ve finally gotten around to reading your paper on why virtues are not reducible to dispositions. Having just re-read NE I-IV, I think I’m pre-disposed to agree with you.


  4. Prof. Long, I just ordered your dissertation in soft cover. I do much better with hard copy. You’ll be pleased to know that they now offer only black covers—no more blue covers—for these books.


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