Coronavirus Diary (27): COVID-19 and the Banality of Evil

For decades I’ve heard right wing polemicists say that academic post-Modernism is the source, in our society, of metaphysical anti-realism, epistemic anti-rationalism, and ethical relativism or nihilism. I never bought it, but never bothered to dispute it, either.  I wonder, though, if anyone can bring themselves to believe that business schools—home to MBA programs and programs in health care administration of the sort relevant to the tweet below—are full of post-Modernists of that variety. Did the administrators referred to in this tweet learn their lessons from Foucault, Derrida, Adorno, and the Frankfurt School?

Feel free to do the empirical legwork, but I doubt it. No, what MBA and HCA programs regularly produce are little technocratic Eichmanns—the banality of evil personified, along with the idolatry of image management and spin control. Once we overcome the COVID-19 crisis, we should resolve to deal with these people. Respect their rights, by all means. Give them every nicety of fair play and due process. But make sure they get their just deserts.

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