Poetic Justice with Donald Trump

Didn’t Donald Trump do members of “the Squad” a favor of sorts by telling them to go back to their countries of origin?

After all, one of the members of the Squad, Rashida Tlaib, is Palestinian. If Trump thinks she should go back to her country of origin, it stands to reason that she must have one. So does Donald Trump think that Palestine is a country? That’s news to me, and would probably be news to Jared Kushner, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, and the entire cohort of Zionist frauds that populate the Trump administration.

Beyond that, if Tlaib has a country to go back to, one that is in some sense hers, it seems to follow that she has a right of return to it. So, does that mean that the United States Government now takes the Palestinians to have a right of return to Palestine? I guess it does, but has anyone informed the Israelis?

If Rashida Tlaib has managed both to establish Palestine and a right of return to it by the mere expedient of making tweet-worthy complaints about America, doesn’t that mean that every Palestinian American can achieve the same end by the same means? Who knew that things could be so easy? And if Palestinian Americans can, why not Palestinians themselves? Once you have your own country, the sky is the limit–as the Israelis have learned.

We appear somehow to have reached the conclusion that Palestinians have Donald Trump to thank for winning them a right it’s otherwise taken them 71 fruitless years to realize.  The funny thing is that after giving Israel back to the Palestinians, he thinks the Squad is the one that should be apologizing to the Israeli people. Really? Even the Squad had never thought to erase the Jewish State by vomiting some bile into a tweet and hitting “send.” Frankly, with friends like Donald Trump, the Israelis don’t need enemies. But by accepting a friend like him, they’ve come to deserve him. It’s hard to think of a more fitting sort of poetic justice for all parties involved, or a more gratifyingly incongruous source for it.

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