Felician Institute Conference: Postscripts

So the Felician Institute’s Tenth Annual Conference took place this past Saturday. PoT bloggers Michael Young and David Potts were in attendance, as I mentioned they would be; David gave a revised version of a post he did at PoT, and Michael chaired a session on hypocrisy and standing to blame. A great time was had by all.

Over the next few weeks, while I have the conference freshly in mind, I want to write a few very brief posts summarizing and commenting on some of the presentations I attended. My track record in living up to such resolutions is, of course, a pathetic farce, if only because I often think of them at the most inopportune times, and also because I’ve characteristically been (self)-defeated by the lethal combination of time constraints and the desire to be “thorough.” The obvious remedy occurs to me: ignore time constraints and be slipshod. (By the way, ignore the fact that I keep promising to go on blogcation and never do, and that I have a bunch of outstanding comments to respond to, but haven’t responded to them.)

In some cases the papers I want to summarize are (in one form or another) available online, but in others, they aren’t. At any rate, I’m going to skimp a lot on summary just to get some of my thoughts out there, and invite readers who were at the conference to correct me when necessary or add whatever needs addition. I’ll also be inviting conference participants to join in the conversation, so that it isn’t just the same lot of us here making the same predictable moves. (I love you guys, I really do, but we could use some variety around here.)

Incidentally, the date and plenary speaker for next year’s conference are already set. The date is Saturday, April 22, 2017, the location is as usual Felician’s Rutherford campus, and the speaker is Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia University). I’m hoping to issue a CFP as early as possible this fall, once I get approval from the University for the Institute’s budget, along with approval to use the relevant buildings.

More in a bit. Seriously.

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