I’m APA, and I Vote!

I sent this to the “Contact Us” box of the New Jersey Republican Party. I’m annoyed.

Can you explain why there is no information to be found anywhere on three of the four candidates up for election in the 28th district? Darnel Henry, David Pinckney, and Antonio Pires are on the ballot, but it’s impossible to tell who they are or what they stand for. Adam Kraemer has a website, but apparently doesn’t know how to spell the word “intimidate.” Election Day is about two weeks away. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here with my mail-in ballot, wondering what to do with it. I get a mail-in ballot each year so that I can spend some time thinking about who to vote for. Year after year I face the conundrum that there’s nothing to think about. The Democrats field candidates. The Republicans field nothing.

Incidentally, here we are in the year 2015, and the Essex County Republican organization can’t manage to create a website for itself or for its candidates. (To be fair, neither can the Democrats, apparently.) When one of you manages to create a website, it turns out he can’t spell. But somehow you expect us to believe that you can run a government. No wonder that when the governor creates a scandal, his first line of defense is to plead ignorance and incompetence. What else does the Republican Party stand for?

I’ve taken for too long to do this, but I’m changing my party affiliation at first opportunity, and throwing my mail-in ballot in the garbage right now. If only I could throw the GOP in with it.

“Thank you for your comment. Someone from the New Jersey Republican Party will be getting in touch with you shortly.”

Believe it or not, I gave them my phone number and email address–the price of leaving a message. I await theĀ robo-calls. I hope they like The Who.

Postscript. Just changed my party affiliation to Democrat. Was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be. Wish I’d done it earlier.

Postscript, November 3, 2015: It’s Election Day, two weeks later. No one ever contacted me. If they can’t keep a promise to get “in touch with you shortly,” how many of their campaign promises do you think they’d have kept?

3 thoughts on “I’m APA, and I Vote!

  1. Welcome to the Dark Side of the Force, Irfan.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t be the one to welcome you, since I have no party affiliation. But if you’re going to belong to one of those parties…

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    • Clearly, my hate has made me powerful.

      It’s kind of odd, actually, because I don’t think my high-level normative commitments have changed all that much. There’s just a huge gap between commitments of that nature and party affiliation. I’ve never been a plumb-line libertarian about politics, and have always thought that even if you accept a non-initiation of force principle, its implications are not nearly as obvious as most Objectivists or libertarians think, especially in the absence of a determinate theory of property. (Whether or not to accept one, or an indefeasible version of one, is a story of its own.) So I had no overwhelming reason to stay a Republican, and now I have no reason at all.

      I used to think that I had some kind of obligation to stay Republican and fight for change within party, but over the years I’ve come to think it’s a lost cause. But I want to vote in primaries. So I’m a Democrat.


      • I’ve been lucky enough to live in states with open primaries, so I can vote in whatever primaries I want without declaring an affiliation. Since I seem to be allergic to group affiliation, that’s useful.


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