Two Jews, Two Views

Am I really Jewish? Or just Jew-ish? I guess you’d have to ask your rabbi. Or mine.

This is from LinkedIn, in case you’re wondering. I agree, it’s probably not career-enhancing.

As for musical performances “amazing to watch and hear,” call me when the Emiratis sing “Kol Nidre.”

7 thoughts on “Two Jews, Two Views

    • My desire to hear the Emiratis sing “Kol Nidre” is not primarily musical. And at this point, I have no desire at all to hear “Hatikva.” The last time I stood up for a national anthem was 2019. I‘ve been clean since.


      • It’s hard to avoid “Hatikvah” because it’s pretty much just running up and down the minor scale.

        Transpose it to major, and you get:


        • So “Hatikvah” is a lot like the occupation: hard to avoid, but you can put a happy face on it if you try. I’d mind it less if it was just a matter of running up and down scales, but they insisted on adding words.


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