“Pedagogy Under Occupation” Revisited

I’m mentioning this mostly pro forma, given the cost of registration, but I thought I’d announce that I’ll be giving a paper at the forthcoming conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association. The paper is called “Between Indoctrination and False Neutrality: Pedagogy Under Occupation,” and is a re-conceived 18-minute version of this post from way back in 2015. The conference takes place October 13-16 at the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio, but for financial-logistical reasons, I’ve had to drop my plans to attend the on-ground conference, and opted to do one of the Zoom sessions instead. My presentation will be in the Sunday, 11 am session (Panel 8A). (Conference schedule in the first link above.)

I’m pleased to see that, besides my talk, there are at least two  four other presentations on Palestine, all four, alas (for me), at the on-ground conference: a showing of the film “Boycott” (Friday night), a panel on “The Political Economy of Palestine” (Sunday morning), and two free-standing papers having to do with Palestine. I regret that I won’t be able to attend those sessions, but was gratified to see them on the conference program. One hears a lot about the “lack of diversity” in academia nowadays, but this strikes me as a case where the diversity of opinion generated by academia serves to correct the lack of it in non-academic discourse.

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