The Wizards of Uz

From E.M. Cioran’s The Trouble with Being Born:

According to the Bible, it is Cain who created the first city, in order to have, as Bossuet puts it, a place wherein to hide his remorse. What a judgment! And how many times have I not felt its accuracy in my night walks through Paris!

So can we can infer that “the perfect and upright” Job created the first suburb in order to have a place wherein to display his self-satisfaction? Or was it to hide his despair? Or both? 

4 thoughts on “The Wizards of Uz

    • My understanding is that he built the city in New Jersey, giving it that designation to qualify for state urban subsidies. It was populated by Cain himself, plus his anonymous wife and child Enoch. It was indeed given a designation of “City” by the legislature, though to this day, no one can unravel the logic of their decision. Then again, no one can explain why Lambertville, a small river town in Mercer County, is a City, either. On a separate note, I do think it’s telling that the first murder in human history took place in New Jersey. Abel is believed to be buried underneath the Meadowlands complex, next to Jimmy Hoffa.


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