#ProudBoys: Stand By…

We’re #ProudBoys, and we’re not standing down at all–we’re standing by. OK, we’re sitting by. But #ProudBoys nonetheless, having a gay old time.

(NB: Ignore the gratuitous presence of women in some of these videos. There’s nothing wrong with women, but this is a #ProudBoys post, so they’re a bit of out place in the present context. It’s not always easy to find 100% gay videos for any given song, and I wasn’t about to post something by Gorgoroth just to score a perfect 100 on the Gay-o-meter. It’s the thought that counts.)

7 thoughts on “#ProudBoys: Stand By…

  1. I am shocked at your groundless suggestion that a wholesome musical PSA featuring a respectable Officer of the Law explaining the benefits of the Young Men’s Christian Association could possibly have any connection to the Homosexual Agenda. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

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    • I am equally shocked at your equally groundless suggestion that Gorgoroth — a band so resolutely Christian that they take the very name of their band from a work by a prominent Christian author — could have any connection with the Homosexual Agenda. Why must you insist on viewing these various pious Christians through the lens of your Godless Muslim Democrat worldview?

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