Coronavirus Diary (45): An update

Coronavirus Diary 45 was originally a memorial post about Dave Jarvis, a cook in the cafeteria at Felician University. When his death was mentioned at a faculty meeting several weeks ago, we were told that it was due to “COVID-related complications” or something of that nature. I just got a message from a member of his family to the effect that that was incorrect; Dave died of some other causes. I had only meant to write an affectionate piece about Dave, whom I liked, but his family seems to have taken offense at the post. I regret any offense caused, and have deleted it.

That said, here is a passage from a message given by Anne Prisco, President of Felician University, April 20, 2020:

Lastly, given the number of lives that are passing due to COVID-19, it is inevitable that some in our community will also succumb. I am sad to advise you of the sudden passing of one of our long term Chartwells dining services employees, Dave Jarvis, from what is believed to be COVID -19.  Dave was employed since 2011 on the Lodi campus serving our students, faculty and staff daily. He was a shy individual, however, he found his comfortable place in cooking for and assisting those in our community.  He was last on campus March 13th. May Dave rest in peace.

So I wasn’t the only person apparently in error about the cause of his death.

It’d be too much trouble to re-number all the posts from 46 on, so I’m just going to leave them as is, treating this update as #45.

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