Coronavirus Diary (50): Rob Roberts, Glen Ridge PD

I was stunned to discover that an old friend and neighbor, Rob Roberts, is struggling for life–discovered it by accident while scrolling through the news last night (here’s a story in USA Today). Apparently, he suffered cardiac arrest while convalescing at home after a diagnosis of COVID-19. My thoughts are with his wife and the rest of his family. High hopes for a full recovery. There’s a message from the Glen Ridge Police Department (Glen Ridge, New Jersey) below the fold.Police Officers Resuscitate Colleague 'Mr. Glen Ridge' Battling ...

From the Glen Ridge Police Department:

The Glen Ridge Police Department would like to ask everyone to keep our Officers in their prayers, especially Glen Ridge Police Officer Charles “Rob” Roberts. Officer Roberts is a staple in our community, known for his wonderful smile, and unofficially as Mr. Glen Ridge. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and as a result his heart stopped this morning. Glen Ridge Officers responded to his aid and began life saving measures along with our Volunteer Ambulance Corps. They were able to successfully transport him to Mountainside Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Several other officers have also contracted the virus and are recovering at home. The department remains committed to our residents and will continue to provide all essential services to the Borough.

Please keep Officer Roberts as well as our other officers in your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate all of our residents for thinking of Rob and his family during this difficult time.

Please continue to take this pandemic and the virus very seriously as it is continues to [affect] our community.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus Diary (50): Rob Roberts, Glen Ridge PD

  1. An update. He’s still fighting for his life. If I still lived in the area, I’d be out there at Mountainside with these people. I know that some of the stuff about Rob in this article sounds “too good to be true,” but it isn’t. It actually is true.

    Thanks to Kevin Bolling and Scot Peterson for their behind-the-scenes support for a (to them) fellow cop. Much appreciated.

    Thanks also to my mom, Asia Khawaja, her friend Nighat Gilani, and my friend Rawan Dajani, for their prayers and expressions of support.


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