COVID-19 Narrative Project: An Update

I’ve been very pleased with the response I’ve gotten to my COVID-19 Narrative Project. Having gotten and answered a number of queries about the project, I’ve now broadened its focus, and re-written parts of the call for submissions. So I now have just a few more submissions than I can easily handle. But keep them coming. This wasn’t meant to be easy.

Tomorrow I’ll be running a frankly astonishing piece, which, for now, I’ve listed on the Narrative Project page as:

Anonymous Physician from a New York-Area Hospital, “Fighting COVID-19: A View from the Front Lines.”

There are a lot essays in this genre circulating out there–which is all for the good–but I’m proud to be able to post one that has a rather subtle and distinctive take on things. It’s sad that the piece has to be anonymous, but apparently it does: the physician in question told me that she fears for her job. In fact, she asked me to delete whole swatches of what she originally sent me–a regrettable necessity. In any case, I’m grateful to be able to post the part I got permission to run. Watch for it tomorrow morning.

6 thoughts on “COVID-19 Narrative Project: An Update

  1. There is something funky going on when I visit the main page of the blog; it asks me to login to I suspect there’s a link in one of the posts that is trying to take me there; I think it’s in the interview with Mark Maron post. Evidently that video is viewable by those (like you, presumably) who have access to njtvonline, but for the rest of us it just generates a login screen that prevents us from navigating the site until we dismiss it.


  2. Except that if I click the link, I can view the video without the login screen. So it’s puzzling why I’m getting this login screen.


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