We Lit

Student arrives twenty minutes late to final exam. Khawaja looks up expectantly.

Khawaja (apologetically, as though the default procedure was to wait twenty minutes to start an exam): We already got started. You ready for this?

Student: I’m ready to bommmb this [laughs]. I didn’t study at all. At. All.

Khawaja: Did you at least get a good night’s sleep? It’s more important than studying.

Student: No.

Khawaja: Hmm.

Student: Yo, I met a rapper last night at a concert. It was lit.

Khawaja: You went to a concert last night?

Student: It was lit.

Khawaja (with forced cheer and strained smile): Hmmm.

Student: A’ight. You know, I don’t think I really want to go to law school any more [laughs uproariously].

Khawaja: Right, so here’s the test.

Another pedagogical win–aka, Socratic voyage of self-discovery–fall semester 2019, Felician University.

One thought on “We Lit

  1. “A little while afterwards they heard the voice of Alcibiades resounding in the court; he was in a great state of intoxication and kept roaring and shouting ‘Where is Agathon? Lead me to Agathon,’ and at length, supported by the flute-girl and some of his attendants, he found his way to them. ‘Hail, friends,” he said, appearing at the door crowned with a massive garland of ivy and violets, his head flowing with ribands. ‘Will you have a very drunken man as a companion of your revels? …’”


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