Reasonable Suspicion

I’m teaching a class on the landmark Supreme Court case, Terry vs. Ohio (1968). A group of students in the back of the room has started giggling.

Khawaja: Excuse me–why are you laughing?

Female student (giggling): Somebody just sent me a dick pic.


Student: Unsolicited.


Student: I guess I should put my phone away?

Khawaja (musing, as if to himself): So people actually do this. It’s not a myth. They…just…send…intimate pictures of themselves to random people…

Student: Yeah, I get lots of them. [shrugs] It’s mostly unwanted.

6 thoughts on “Reasonable Suspicion

    • Consequently, most of them turn the damn things off and don’t mess with them, for fear that I will confiscate them. Once I ended up with four phones in my jacket pocket within the same hour. I heard fewer ringers after that.


      • I’ve never inquired about whether I have the authority to confiscate phones. I believe Carrie-Ann confiscates them. It’s not my style, though. And I’m not sure I’d want a bunch of dick pics in my pocket.


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