A Moral Stop Sign for Andrew Pollack

There comes a point at which one has to draw a line, even with the victim of a tragic and heinous crime, and say (my words, not the judge’s):

Your daughter is dead. That’s horrible and unfair, but the time has come for you to stop trying to ruin other peoples’ lives over it. Leave them alone, and find a way to come to terms with your tragedy without harming innocent bystanders in the process. Tragedy and premature death didn’t begin with you, won’t end with you, and don’t justify your desire to wreak vengeance on people who don’t deserve it. At a certain point, even the most sympathetic victim starts to lose the world’s sympathy. You’re there.

Perhaps not a message calculated to win any popularity contests. But no less necessary for that.

5 thoughts on “A Moral Stop Sign for Andrew Pollack

  1. I’m very sorry that you may be correct. Retired Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, after reviewing all reports, listening and reading to the MSD Commission report, the Broward SO internal affairs report, and the motion to dismiss, (which appears to be the most correct document) and the response from the Broward States Attorneys Office on politicly motivated criminal charges. Retired Deputy Scot Peterson NEVER KNEW WHERE THE POS WAS, That is a fact. NOONE did, a CAT 5 hurricane building did its job. Peterson believed that the scumbag was outside.
    All the shoots, that the Deputies heard were outside, Retired Deputy Scot Peterson. My friend Coach Aaron Fies was killed at the west entrance door, the POS was inside actively shooting unarmed people, he opened the door and was killed. He would never have open that door if he heard the shots on the other side, without getting on the radio and advising what he was hearing. I believe that Arron would have gone in, but not without a plan. PS Aaron and Scot were friends. I feel for everyone, as the family members and friends, do what it takes to get through this horrible and unfair tragedy. The community is here for you. But, the politicly motivated and wreaking vengeance on honorable public servants must stop. The elected officials like Sheriff Isreal, throwing the blame on one person and misrepresenting the video, Retired Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, never knew where the POS was, was an honorable Public servant.

    Andrew Pollack is correct it is the weak-minded, nieve policies of the people in charge that caused the environment.
    It still here, Having armed Guardians, (look up the Chairman of the MSD Commission), maybe more dangerous than the old policy.
    My idea is to educate the children, ie the old days were crossing the street, stranger danger and how to use 911. Now it needs to be what to do in an emergency, how to hide to be the safest if something goes bad this is what I want you to do. I pray for the victims and my community leaders. accountability for scumbags and leadership.
    FREE PETERSON- he did the best he could with the intel he had at the time. I’m will to debate,

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    • Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I agree with you. The demonization of Scot Peterson for the wrongdoing of Nikolas Cruz is depressing and wrong. In a previous post, I made reference to the attorney’s brief in Scot’s defense:


      This piece in the South Florida Sun Sentinel suggests that some people are finally starting to pay attention to some of the relevant facts:


      The editorial is certainly a step in the right direction; I’d intended to blog it when I got the chance. But really, what I want to say is pretty simple: if the claims of the editorial are right, it makes no sense for the authors to refer to Scot Peterson as “despicable.” What exactly was “despicable” about his behavior on their account of it? They also cite no evidence for the claim that he “froze.” The evidence presented in the brief and elsewhere is consistent with his simply not knowing in real time where the shooter was, or frankly, with how many shooters were present.

      But it’s not just the politically motivated vengeance being wreaked on innocent public servants that should stop. The politically motivated vengeance being wreaked on innocent people has to stop. The Sneads are not public servants in the conventional sense, but they don’t deserve the treatment they’ve been getting from the likes of Andrew Pollack. His lawsuit against them has no merit, and seems motivated by nothing more than a desire to destroy their lives. Even if successful, the suit isn’t designed to accomplish anything of value.

      If Pollack thinks the Sneads should be held “accountable” for their supposed irresponsibility–the irresponsibility involved in being fooled by a criminal in getting access to the weapons he lawfully owned–he can do that well enough in the court of public opinion. What he’s done instead is to file a lawsuit of breathtaking irresponsibility that doesn’t bother to explain why the Sneads are to be held legally liable for their supposedly irresponsible act. Is it really so hard to grasp that like him, they too were victimized by Nikolas Cruz? Is it so hard to grasp that justice can’t be done by re-victimizing everyone who was victimized the first time around?

      Pollack is the victim of an unspeakable crime, but even victims have to be held to standards of responsibility and decency. I get the sense that given his status as a victim, and the belligerence with which he expresses himself, people are too afraid to say what needs to be said. But it needs to be said. Like the criminal charges against Scot Peterson, Pollack’s lawsuit against the Sneads crosses the line–more than one line, actually. Both the criminal case against Scot and the civil suit against the Sneads should be dismissed. Both have more to do with mass hysteria and political vengeance than with law or common sense.


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