One thought on “Ric Ocasek (1949-2019), RIP

  1. A spot-on piece about Ric Ocasek and The Cars:

    I like almost everything that the The Cars did, but their debut album is musical perfection (not just “near flawless,” but genuinely perfect). I grew up an 80s-era metalhead (actually, “Candy-O” has a sort of metal feel to it), but can’t imagine what my teenage years would have been like without them, and particularly without that first album.

    This is probably the best and truest tribute to Ocasek I’ve read:

    A writer of cool efficiency and enormous wit, he honed his hooks so that they lodged into the subconscious upon first listen, but he kept the meaning elusive; the emotions were evident but the import was just beyond reach.

    A well-deserved recipe for immortality.


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