Calls for Papers: ISME, NASSP

Given the interests of PoT readers and bloggers, I thought I’d call attention to this CFP, for what promises to be a knock-out conference at Notre Dame this summer:

MacIntyre is a former mentor and Lear is a personal hero of mine, so I’m hoping to pull something together for this conference, and would love to see some PoT people there as well.

Michael Young and I had a good time at the NASSP conference in Michigan this past July, where I gave my doubtless tiresome spiel on character-based voting, as I did at the Alabama Philosophical Society meeting in Pensacola, Florida, where I hung out with Roderick Long. Given its insistently left-wing orientation, I probably enjoyed the NASSP conference a bit more than Michael did, but if you have the patience for academic leftism, or just have the funding to visit San Francisco, this may be the conference for you.

My hope is to collect a handful of PoT-heads at this conference, then find a way to rouse David Potts out of hiding (he lives in San Francisco), and do a selfie for the blog. So far, the best we’ve done by the way of collecting PoT-heads in one place is the 2016 Felician Ethics Conference, which I organized, and which Michael, David Potts, and Derek Bowman* attended. But I didn’t own a Smartphone back then, so there’s no record of it–which might as well imply that it never happened.

The Alabama PS conference is well worth attending, but they haven’t yet put out a CFP for 2019. Given my administrative responsibilities, my own conference organizing at Felician has been put on hiatus for awhile; I may do one again in 2020, but have not yet figured out the logistics, scheduling, or funding. If I do one, you’ll be the first to know.

*Roderick’s mentioning cameras in the comments reminded me that I took some pictures of the conference on a camera, no less. Looking at them, I’m (belatedly) reminded that PoT blogger Derek Bowman was there. I may be confabulating this, but I’m now beginning to think that PoT blogger Greg Sadler might have been there, too (he’s come some years but not others–but he seems not to have shown up on film).

From left to right: Daniel Layman (Davidson College), Blake Wilson (Cal State, Stanislaus), Pierre LeMorvan (College of New Jersey), Michael Young (Providence, RI), David Potts (City College of San Francisco), Derek Bowman (Providence College), Robert McParland (Felician).


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