Nothing Comes from Nothing

From this morning’s email harvest:

Good morning,

The Interlibrary Loan book titled, “Tax revolt: something for nothing in California” is due back to the Lodi Campus Library.

Please be diligent in returning this book.

Thank you,

Felician University Libraries

3 thoughts on “Nothing Comes from Nothing

  1. So I walk over to the library to return this book, then ask the librarian plaintively where the snacks are: virtue demands a reward, and last time I was there, the library sold snacks for bargain basement prices. “Oh, we don’t do that any more,” the librarian tells me, in all earnestness. “As a 501(c)3 corporation, we’re not allowed to make a profit, so it was determined that our selling those snacks was illegal.” In other words, somebody called the cops on a Keebler elf.

    I need this semester to end.


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