Greg Sadler on Trump and Political Anger

My friend Greg Sadler recently had the opportunity to visit a Donald Trump “thank you” rally in West Allis, Wisconsin. His visit to the rally occasioned some observations both on the rally and on the place of anger in politics. We both thought that would be an interesting set of topics for a pair of blog posts here, so you’ll see the first post directly after this one, and the second post soon thereafter.

No one can actually keep up with what Greg is doing at any given moment, but suffice it to say that he’s the President and Founder of ReasonIO, “a platform for putting philosophy into practice.” He’s taught philosophy at Marist College, Fayetteville State University, Ball State University, and Southeastern Illinois College. Here’s his Academia page. And here’s his You Tube channel. He blogs (among other places) at Orexis Dianoetike, Stoicism Today, and Heavy Metal Philosopher. I blogged a lecture he gave at Felician (on Plato) here back in September 2014.

2 thoughts on “Greg Sadler on Trump and Political Anger

  1. Thanks for the introduction, Irfan! The first entry – about the Trump rally – is much less focused specifically on anger. But the one to follow – likely next week – will be entirely about anger and politics, and what’s currently being said, theorized, and advocated about it (and why much of that is off-base)

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