Cato Unbound Debate: Immanuel Kant and Classical Liberalism

In case you haven’t had your fill of Kant via David Potts’s post below, check out the debate on Kant and classical liberalism at Cato Unbound: Mark White (College of Staten Island), Gregory Salmieri (Rutgers), Stephen Hicks (Rockford), and Roderick Long (Auburn). I haven’t read it carefully enough to come to a verdict, just carefully enough to know that it ought to be read more carefully than I so far have.

Apologies for the fact that I’ve been homo noumenon lately. I realize that I owe both Riesbeck and Potts some answers on Shelley, God, belief, Nozick, and the relationship between theory and practice in philosophy. Meanwhile, Michael Young tells me that he wants to embroil me in a debate here on the ethics and politics of boycotts. (He thinks I’m too partial to them.) My response is that I can’t afford to sweat the small stuff while I attend to larger matters–like making sure there are enough cookies and chairs at the next event I’m organizing, or keeping straight the extra credit assignments I’ve offered to induce my students to show up at them. Etc.

I’m sure I will make a spectacular return to my own blog soon, rising up like a Phoenix from the ashes of administrative minutiae. (Like the Phoenix, not the University of Phoenix.) But until then, I leave you with Mary & Co.

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