Some Announcements

I’ve been a little too busy to blog much lately, but here are a few announcements of potential interest.

(1) My friend (and avid PoT lurker) Ray Raad has asked me to announce this salon-type meeting, to take place in New York City on the evening of Sunday, September 11. The paper they’re discussing is David Kelley’s “Rand Versus Hayek on Abstraction,” Reason Papers 33:1 (2011), pp. 12-30 [PDF].

Continuing with the topic of Hayek, next month David Kelley will be in town and he will be joining us to discuss his paper on Hayek and Rand.  To make a little extra time, I suggest that we push everything 30 minutes up.  So dinner at 5:30, and the discussion can start at 7.  Let me know if that will work or not work for you.

I’m sending out the reading earlier this time.  It’s a little more dense, since it’s epistemology.  The link [above] goes to David’s paper.  David also suggested a paper by Hayek on abstraction, which is attached (and optional – the focus will be on David’s paper).

I’ll send out specifics for dinner as the date gets closer.  As usual, please let me know if you can make it.

Also, in a similar vein, Chris Sciabarra recently alerted me that he also wrote a comparison of Rand and Hayek’s view of tacit knowledge, in Chapter 8 of The Russian Radical.  Depending on interest, perhaps we can devote another salon meeting to that topic – especially if Chris is willing to join.

Contact him at ray raad at gmail for more information, including the address of dinner and the meeting, as well as a PDF of the paper he mentions by Hayek, “The Primacy of the Abstract.”

(2) A short paper of mine, “Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North and the Pathologies of Moral Philosophy,” has just been published in Robert D. Anderson, Molly Brigid Flynn, and J. Scott Lee eds., Engaging Worlds: Core Texts and Cultural Contexts (University Press of America, 2016). You can get a sense of the first three pages for free via the “Look Inside” feature at Amazon. But the next three pages will cost you.

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