Tenth Annual Felician Institute Conference

Just a last minute reminder, for those in the area, of the Felician Institute’s Conference on Ethics and Public Affairs, to take place this Saturday, April 23 (9 am – 6 pm) at our Rutherford, New Jersey campus (223/227 Montross Ave, Rutherford NJ 07070). PoT bloggers David Potts and Michael Young will be there; plenary session by J.L.A. Garcia (Boston College); and don’t forget the 4 pm session on the ethics, economics, and politics of adjuncting. Here’s the nearly finalized program. Here’s a link to the Institute’s home page.

I’ll be scarce at PoT until after the conference. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Tenth Annual Felician Institute Conference

  1. I’ll believe that scarcity thing when I see it. I have visions of you live-blogging the whole event.

    Looks fun. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually live somewhere not extremely far from New Jersey and just show up at one of these. Until then, I’ll depend on your live-blogging. Though I guess you could get some help from David and Michael.

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