Happy 2016

So 2015 is basically over. I probably couldn’t summarize the year better than Roger Cohen does in this column for The New York Times–it’s got Palestinians, it’s got Jews, it’s got Native Americans, it’s got Syrian refugees, it’s got flyover country, it’s got anti-Trump derision, and it’s ultimately about a tired old guy lumbering around America, ranting lugubriously about why so much of the world has come to suck so bad. (Sound familiar? )

This was PoT’s first full year in operation; the blog started as a solo act mid-year in 2014. This year, we managed to land 37,000 unique visitors, and took on five new bloggers–Matt Faherty, Michael Young, Hendrik Van den Berg, David Potts, and Stephen Boydstun. Most of our visitors came, unsurprisingly, from the U.S., followed in turn by the U.K., and the Palestinian Territories.

The most heavily trafficked day of the year was November 23, and the post that got the most hits was my “Yes, Trump Is Lying,” which (for whatever it’s worth) found its way into the mass media and the national conversation. In second place for most hits was David Potts’s “Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Values and Its Implications for Political Philosophy,” which has gotten a steady stream of readers since being published in August. Third most heavily trafficked post was my February 2015 series on Nagel on Sexual Perversion; since anything I say about that will end up being an off-color pun (whether intended or not), let it pass without comment, except as a reflection on the filthy minds of this blog’s readership. Fourth place goes to Matt Faherty’s blogging on the Nepal earthquake, live from Kathmandu.

A distant fifth place goes to one of my anti-Objectivist movement rants, written in November 2014, but updated well into 2015. WordPress gives me the free advice:

Some of your most popular posts were written before 2015. Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again.

No thanks.

Anyway, not bad. Happy New Year to all. I’ll be away for the next few days, so comments and approvals will be slow. Otherwise, have a drink on me.

But for God’s sake, stay off the goddamn roads so that us teetotalers have a chance of blogging another day.

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