We Are FU

I am very happy to report that my institution’s bid for university status has been successful. Though there are still some bureaucratic hoops to jump through before we can start acting like a university, we are now officially Felician University, not Felician College.

Our acronymic predicament reminds me of a really stupid rhyme once recited to me by my graduate school buddy Michael Byron, who despite being a really good philosopher, recited it as a joke intended to elicit laughter. “Ever hear the Norfolk University cheerleaders’ cheer?”–Norfolk U being a well-known women’s university.

We are the girls of Norfolk U

We don’t smoke, and we don’t chew

Norfolk U, Norfolk U

We all laughed when he recited that. We were in our 20s.

It’s been a long week. Really long. It’s Friday evening, and I’m going home before I do any more damage here.

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