Update: Boycott the Ayn Rand Society

I’ve updated my post calling for a boycott of the Ayn Rand Society to add some comments on an essay recently published in The Atlantic by John Paul Rollert of the University of Chicago.

Update within the update, December 19, 2014: James Otteson and Peter Boettke (who are speaking alongside Yaron Brook at the ARS session in a few days) have both contacted me privately re the boycott. Otteson expresses a reluctance to break his prior engagement with ARS. Fair enough; I only wish I’d urged him to back out sooner, when it might have been more feasible. Boettke disagrees with me about the need for a boycott. I’d prefer to air my disagreement with Boettke in the open, but I’ve respected his wish to keep our disagreement private. Thanks to both of them for responding.

I renew my call for a boycott.

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