“This video is private.”

I’ve updated my post from earlier this month on The Atlas Society’s panel discussion, “The Objectivist Movement Today.” Apparently, the champions of “Open Objectivism” have decided to “privatize” the video of the panel I had criticized. In other words, if you try to access it from their website, you get a message that says, “This video is private.”

I would reconstruct the (obviously enthymematic) argument involved here as follows:

1. If the video is out of sight, it is out of mind.

2. If the video is out of mind, it is unreal.

3. If the video is unreal, then Khawaja’s criticisms of its contents are unreal, too.

4. The video is out of sight!


5. Khawaja’s criticisms of the video’s contents are unreal.

From (5) it follows straightaway that you need not take Khawaja’s criticisms very seriously.

Yes, it does follow. But is it true? The answer is “private,” but accessible to anyone with a functioning brain and introspective access to it.

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