New blogger: Gordon Barnes

I’m happy to announce that Policy of Truth is acquiring a new blogger, Gordon Barnes. Gordon is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Brockport, where he’s also Director for the Center for Philosophic Exchange. Gordon has published work in epistemology, the philosophy of religion, and political philosophy, but I first encountered his work while editing the October 2012 issue of Reason Papers, where he published a trenchant critique of David Schmidtz’s views on property rights, “Property and Progress.” Schmidtz followed with a response, “Is It Necessary to Be Necessary?” to which Gordon responded, in turn, with “It Is Necessary to Be Relevant.” More recently, I was impressed by Gordon’s astute (and so-far unacknowledged) responses to a recent CNN/BHL piece by Jason Brennan on the epistemic case for voter disenfranchisement. I’m looking forward to some of the same hard-hitting stuff from Gordon here at Policy of Truth.

Welcome, Gordon!

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