Managua, Day 2

Greetings from Las Colinas, Managua, Nicaragua–land of “Christianity, Socialism, and Solidarity” (the national slogan, or one of them). Yeah, yeah, I know–one out of three ain´t bad.

Have so far just settled in to my B&B, gaped at the ramshackle poverty of the place, butchered the Spanish language to the uncomprehending stares of the natives, gaped at a few volcanos, and had some interesting conversations with my “hosts” about Locke, property, capitalism, communism, imperialism, globalization and the FSLN–naturally, over fabulous food at the finest eating eating establishments in Managua. This is when I´m not in the pool, floating under the mango and coconut trees. I could get used to this–I am getting used to it–but the real blogging will have to wait until later, when the fun-meter goes down a bit.

One thought on “Managua, Day 2

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