NB: Glitch in Comments Function

Read this note before you comment.

Thanks (and apologies) to my brother Suleman for bringing this to my attention, but there’s a glitch in the comments function of the blog: if you write your comment directly into the combox and send it, WordPress asks you to supply your credentials. When you do, and then re-send, the comment sometimes disappears. I’ve noticed that sometimes the comment disappears altogether. At other times it shows up in the comments dashboard visible to me as Administrator, but won’t update on the blog itself for maybe 10-15 minutes. If you log out before then, the comment won’t show up at all. Suleman lost a long comment this way on the Damar Hamlin issue, and I’ve lost a few myself.

WordPress is a notoriously glitchy platform, and its Support team is–despite the money I pay them–pretty mediocre. I say this as someone who works tech Support myself: I couldn’t, at my job, get away with half of the bullshit they pull. So I don’t hold out much hope that this glitch is going to be fixed any time soon. My advice is to save any comment you write before you send it, so that if you happen to lose it, you can re-send it. Otherwise, to invoke the standard Support mantra: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but don’t intend to do anything else about it.”

PS. I think the problem is more likely to arise if you write on a Mac, and/or if you use Safari. That said, it’s happened to me while using Chrome.

2 thoughts on “NB: Glitch in Comments Function

    • Well, there’s certainly a similarity. Unfortunately, our nurses didn’t dress like the ones in the clip. That said, my compliments to their EVS staff: spotless! On the other hand, the OR’s safety protocols could use some work.

      Our OR actually had a hi-tech laparoscopic OR suite. The main robot in it looked sort of like the one in the clip. Naturally, I would never share a photo of it here, since it was strictly against protocol to take photos of the device, much less to share them publicly.

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