“Sovereignties, World Orders, and the Federalist Option”

I wanted to draw attention, however belatedly, to Sovereignties, World Orders, and the Federalist Option: Reviving Libertarian Foreign Policy, an issue of Cosmos and Taxis, Studies in Emergent Order and Organization (10:9-12) edited by my friend Brandon Christensen. Brandon is editor of the blog “Notes on Liberty” (now at a new location on Substack), and a long-time friend of PoT. The issue looks great, and I’m happy to see libertarians thinking in innovative ways about this much-neglected set of topics. Contents below the fold, with clickable hyperlinks.

Brandon Christensen


On the Ancient Human Roots of Some Modern Politics
Hjorleifur Jonsson

Should Somaliland Strive for State Capacity Libertarianism?
Scott Pegg

Mr. Manypenny’s Millions: Freedom and Sovereignty in the 19th Century Native American Annuity Conflict?
David Nichols

Reflections of Indigenous Views of Arctic Sovereigntys
Heather Nicol and Barry S. Zellen

Before the Responsibility to Protect: The Humanitarian Intervention in Cuba
Sarah Burns

Polycentricity: A Simple Rule for Governing Indian Country
Ilia Murtazashvili and Adam Crepelle

World Orders 

Adrian Pabst’s on the Liberal World Order
Blake Smith

A Populist World Order? Origins and Predictions
Michael Lee

Dr. Mengele, USA Style: Lessons from Human Rights Abuses in Post-World War II America
Abigail Hall-Blanco (Bellarmine) and Chris Coyne

Continued: C+T 10:11+12 (4.20 MB)

To Tyrants, the Answer is “NO”: Conceptualizing A Confident, Muscular, and Cosmopolitan Libertarianism
Martin van Staden and Nicholas Woode-Smith

Polycentric Interstate Federalism Among the Yoruba of Nigeria: Lessons for Growing an International Federal Order
Oyebade Oyerinde

Federal Alternatives

The Republican Model and the Crisis of National Liberalism
Benjamin Studebaker

Two Faces of the European Union
Dalibor Rohac

Hayek and Brexit: Sovereignty, National Democracy, and the Fallacy of Positivism
Jernej Kosec

Hayek’s Federalism and the Making of European Integration
Fabio Masini

F. A. Hayek and the World of Tomorrow: The Principles of International Federalism
Daniel Nientiedt

Federation as a Last Resort
Edwin van de Haar

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