Academized Paper Writing Service

How to succeed in high school, college, and even grad school: Buy your papers from the Academized Paper Writing Service!!
Check out their list of reasons why people might buy school papers, personal statements for college admissions, and even their PhD dissertations! My favorite: lessen your course load and make sure you get everything submitted on time.
Sophomore level college papers start at $14.99/page. (Assuming you can wait two weeks, otherwise it’s more.)
Need a doctoral dissertation? No problem! Prices start at $17.99/page—though you have to wait two months for delivery. (Again, for faster service, the price is higher.)
First time customers get 15% off!
Not sure whether to take the plunge? It may be well to be cautious. gives them only 3 out of 5 stars. The problems are that their website is not user-friendly enough, their writers not specialized enough, and slow response times for customer service. They of course have an 800 number and Live Chat, but wait times are long. On the bright side, TopDissertations rates Academized’s prices as “not bad at all.”
The rating from TopDissertations is in line with other reviews. gives them only 1.5 out of 5 stars, while gives them only 5.2 out of 10.
Fortunately, the rating sites rate plenty of other paper writing services.’s home page lists about 80 paper writing companies! So, if Academized seems not to be the best, there are others to choose from.
Is this a great time for education, or what?

5 thoughts on “Academized Paper Writing Service

  1. About twenty years ago, before the Internet became the thing that it is, I was strolling around Princeton’s campus when I saw an ad on a bulletin board of someone shamelessly offering to write grad school application essays* for a fee. The person in question was a Ph.D. student in English at Duke who happened to spend summers in Princeton. I was (naturally) outraged, so I ripped the thing down, photocopied it, and sent a letter with the photocopy to the English Dept at Duke, asking them to deal with the matter. I followed up with a phone call. I don’t remember what they said, but they were obviously not interested in dealing with it. No matter that the person was using Duke University’s name (as well as that of the English Dept) to advertise a fraudulent service. Universities are usually pretty vociferous about misuses of their trademark, but Duke had nothing to say here.

    For decades, I’ve gotten used to being treated as some kind of freak for my outrage over these apparently small-scale transgressions and hypocrisies. But now academia is reaping the whirlwind, and will pay a price.

    Eventually, I suppose, we’ll get some technological fix on par with to deal with this issue. To some degree, can probably detect some of these frauds, but only if there’s widespread use of it. But until then, get ready for pages and pages of fraud.

    *I had originally written “college application essays.” They were grad school application essays. I quixotically held on to the “evidence” in question until a few weeks ago (yes, twenty years), as though I was going to prosecute the person in a criminal matter. I only threw it all out because I’m moving out of my house and have to de-clutter. Otherwise, I’d probably have kept it until I died, then bequeathed it to my next of kin.

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  2. I just remembered another incident. When I was in grad school at Notre Dame, I got a part-time job delivering Chinese food for extra money. One day, the proprietor of the establishment, a young guy from mainland China, sat me down with a business proposition. Would I write his grad school application essay for the MBA program at Notre Dame for $100? I mean, that was a better prospect than an evening’s pay for deliveries of General Tso’s chicken!

    I wanted to say “no” straight out, but was afraid he’d fire me, so I stalled and said I’d get back to him. For reasons I myself don’t understand, I decided to consult The Atlas Society’s Will Thomas for advice about what to do, on the premise that Will was an expert on China (?) and would therefore (??) have something valuable to say on the subject (???). Will’s advice? Do it! You’re not responsible for his choices, after all. And this sort of thing is pretty standard in China. Not that we were in China. “When not in China, do as the Chinese do.”

    I didn’t do it. I declined the offer, then quit the delivery job altogether. My big mistake was to deal with Will after that. But 2 for 3 ain’t bad.

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  3. $17.99 per page for doctoral dissertations — wow, my dissertation clocked in at 488 pages; that would have set me back $8779.12. And that’s only for the final draft; I assume the service would also be required for the multiple rounds of rewrites. This service is not for the faint of wallet.

    I wonder how doctoral candidates making use of this service fare in the oral defense.


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