Decaffeinated Philosophy: The Existence of God; or, Apophat Boy Slim

It’s long been the custom of the Auburn U. Philosophy Club to hold a public meeting at a local coffee house – generally either Mama Mocha’s or the Coffee Cat – where a panel composed of both students and faculty from the department give brief presentations on some philosophical topic of general interest, followed by Q&A.

In light of the Current Unpleasantness, this semester’s panel will be online via Zoom rather than in-person, which will sadly mean no access to the venue’s excellent coffee. But we must soldier on with a decaffeinated, or at least less gloriously caffeinated, version of our usual caffeinated-philosophy event. And the positive side is that folks not physically present in Auburn will be able to attend.

The topic for this semester’s panel is “The Existence of God.” I will be one of the speakers (and my contribution will of course decisively settle the theism vs. atheism debate once and for all! – although in my experience neither side tends to be very fond of my solution). It will be held on Wednesday, October 7th, at 7:00pm Central (8:00 Eastern, 6:00 Pacific). The meeting is free and open to the public; but please register in advance at After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Be there or B2!

3 thoughts on “Decaffeinated Philosophy: The Existence of God; or, Apophat Boy Slim

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  3. Topic: “The Existence of God.”

    What evidence do they accept as valid? The Koran, the New Testament, or the Hebrew T’NaCH?

    The Koran declares “Only one God lives”. This bold declaration blatantly negates the T’NaCH 2nd commandment of Sinai: “Do not worship other Gods”. By logical inference: if only one God lives, which the Muslims name as Allah, why does the T’NaCH command do not worship other Gods? Shall we attempt to declare that Par’o of ancient Egypt worshiped only Allah? LOL what a total fraud! Therefore based upon the false declaration of Monotheism made by the prophet of the Koran, who declared himself a prophet on the order of T’NaCH prophets, the Koran strict monotheism stands totally debunked.

    The name new testament clearly makes reference to the foundation of Torah faith “the brit”. The first word of the Torah בראשית this word contains within its 6 letters ברית אש\brit fire. The translation of brit into English: alliance. The opening Book of the Torah directly and repeatedly addresses the subject of cutting political alliances. The skill by which to cut a political alliance with others, applies equally today as it did then.

    The problem with the ”new testament”, that collection of books never once brings the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai. The Name – its not a word, despite the declaration otherwise as written in the opening pages of the book of John’s gospels. Hence Jewish law forbids to pronounce the Name according to the grammar of its four letters, b/c the opening account of Creation the Name blew his Spirit into clay, transforming this clay into a living man – named Adam. Pronouncing the Name, as revealed at the Sinai revelation, perverted and defiles the Spirit of the Name unto a common word.

    Never in all the pages of the new testament do any of these Greek books bring the Name as revealed at Sinai. Translation of words works with other words, but you can not translate a Spirit by making it into a word. Words simply do not contain life. Quote Shakespeare to dead people and they remain dead. To cut a Torah brit alliance requires swearing a Torah oath using the Name. Therefore the new covenant of the new testament stands, like the Koran, totally debunked.

    Torah commands the opposite of Muslim Monotheism, it validates the existence of many Gods. Clearly the Hindus and Chinese peoples never swore a Torah brit alliance. Atheists in Russia, or Europe, or America, shall they make unilateral declarations which negate the Gods which these billions of people worship? Hubris arrogance, every atheist I ever met from Russia, Europe, or America does not speak the language of Hindu, Japan, or China, much less Vietnam or Korea etc etc etc. The Books these millions upon millions of people, by which they base their belief in their Gods, these above mentioned hubris arrogant atheists from Russia, Europe, and America, their negative belief worship of the Ego beliefs seeks to negate the traditions of peoples whom they do not know.

    Atheism for this reason stands totally debunked by simple humility and logic.


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