Defending Self-Ownership

Here’s the text of the talk I gave on self-ownership at the PPE conference last March. It’s not a defense of self-ownership in the sense of a positive argument for the thesis; instead, it’s a reply to the most common objections to self-ownership that I’ve encountered:

Getting Self-Ownership in View

9 thoughts on “Defending Self-Ownership

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  2. Are you going to PPE this year? My proposal was rejected again, alas. Evidently, my “go solo” strategy at PPE has not served me well.

    Where was the photo taken, and what’s it of? Looks like Prague, but given my knowledge of European cities, everything looks like Prague.


    • a) Yes, I’m speaking in one session at the PPE and have organised (and will presumably be chairing) another.

      b) The PPEople-in-charge definitely prefer three-person session proposals. Next time, do get in touch with me and my peeps early on and we can try to craft a proposal that would include whatever lamentably non-anarchist topic you’re working on. I’ve gotten pretty good at crafting session titles that identify a unifying thread among seemingly disparate papers.

      c) The statue is indeed in Prague; I took the photo myself, one of the times I was attending the PCPE. Here’s some more info about the statue:

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      • P.S. – Why am I posting a photo from my Prague trip when the PPE conference was in New Orleans? Because this statue just has a flavour of inalienable individuality, for me.

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