Do We Need Government? No, But You Need This Anthology

A long-awaited anthology I’m scheduled to appear in (with a couple of pieces on the question “Do We Need Government?”) has now, I hear, been split into two – one volume on metaphysics and epistemology, and the other on ethics, æsthetics, and politics – and in that form (and with a bunch of historical selections deleted) is/are finally slouching toward publication; see the tables of contents here and here. Some old friends are in it/them too, as you’ll see (if you know who my old friends are).

I’m told: “The eText will be coming out in February [2020], with hard copies soon to follow.”


6 thoughts on “Do We Need Government? No, But You Need This Anthology

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  2. From a terrific book that I’m reading:

    The following Friday, I visited Nabi Saleh for the first time. I was staying in Tel Aviv, and caught a ride with a group of young Israeli activists. They were theatrically cautious: my contact instructed me to wait on a street corner in the southern part of the city. Only after I had been standing there for a few minutes did a text message arrive with the address of the real meeting place a few blocks away. Most of the activists were in their early twenties: pale, pierced, straight-edge kids in faded black jeans, black boots, black backpacks. The majority were anarchists, as opposed in principle to militarism and the state as they were to any specific actions of the Israeli army in Nabi Saleh or anywhere else. …With a few notable exceptions, the anarchists were–and remain–the only Israelis who regularly cross the Green Line into the West Bank to stand in solidarity with Palestinians protesting the occupation. Gathered together, they could all fit in a single city bus. Two buses tops.

    –Ben Ehrenreich, The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine, pp. 15-16.


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