Non-Deterministic But Non-Random Causation

January 10, 2018:

Good afternoon, Irfan!
Thank you for contacting me about purchasing Aristotle on Political Community for the Philosophy Department.  I am CCing our Assistant Director…with your request and she will follow up with you about the purchase.  Please contact either one of us with further questions.
Head of Research and Instructional Services
Felician University Libraries

January 24, 2018
I have taken steps to see that this book is purchased for the LCL collection.  I will inform you when it arrives.
Assistant Director of University Libraries

2 thoughts on “Non-Deterministic But Non-Random Causation

    • Non-necessitating but non-random contributing causal factor: ta pros to telos, you might say.

      I just kind of like the secret-agent like phraseology of the email from the library. She’s talking about a book purchase, but it sounds kind of sinister and intriguing, as though “all necessary measures have been taken, and Control will be be fully apprised of progress of said plan upon its full effectuation.”

      On a related topic, I have taken initial steps to effectuate Operation Riesbeck at my location, hopefully for the spring of 2019. I shall imminently inform you of my progress. Via secure channel, naturally. I assume you have the Cone of Silence app on your Get Smartphone?


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