New Bloggers at Policy of Truth

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be adding two new bloggers to Policy of Truth. Both are old friends of mine, and both have made cameo appearances here in the recent past.

David Potts teaches philosophy at the City College of San Francisco. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Illinois-Chicago, where, on the philosophy side, he worked with David Hilbert. Though his “official” areas of specialization are epistemology and philosophy of mind, his first post here will be on Rousseau (which should be posted in a day or two). He’s guest-posted here previously on the so-called Dunning-Kruger effect. Note: Readers are strictly advised to avoid puns involving David’s last name and the acronym for this blog. (I’m probably the only person here who was ever tempted to flout that advice in the first place.)

Michael Young has taught philosophy at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, and has done graduate work in philosophy at Brown University. Though he’s “officially” interested in issues in meta-ethics and moral psychology, his first post here will be a contribution to the “Rethinking Rights” series I mentioned awhile back (that post should go up mid-week, a few days after David’s). Incidentally, our Michael Young, who blogs from Providence, Rhode Island, should be distinguished from the other Michael Young, who blogs from Beirut.  They turn out to be as different as Rhode Island is from Lebanon.

Welcome aboard, both of you–looking forward to your posting and comments.

2 thoughts on “New Bloggers at Policy of Truth

  1. Welcome aboard, David and Michael. I look forward to your posts as well as blogging alongside both of you, when I’m emancipated from the confines of my thesis/defense that is.


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