Yes, We Have No Smartphones Here

We’ve been getting a fair bit of traffic the past few days–partly adjunct-driven, partly Faherty-driven–but I’m going to be traveling for the next few days, so I’m going to be slow with responses to comments and comment approvals. And no, I can’t do any of that on the road, because I don’t have a Smartphone. And no, I don’t want one, and no, I’m not going to answer any questions about why I’m the only person on the continent not to have one. I still have a flip top phone, the same one I’ve had for the last decade. I’m not upgrading. Let it go.

5 thoughts on “Yes, We Have No Smartphones Here

  1. You never even told me to stop bringing it up! People, this man is so extremely sweet and good to his BFF, possibly to a fault. But to his credit and my relief, at least some of it is probably born out of theoretical interest in my complicated life. It’s just so unusual! It’s greatly appreciated, Irfan, and I want the world to know this about you, as one of your many uniquely good ways.


    • Not only did I not tell you to stop bringing it up…the post wasn’t aimed specifically at you! All of my friends, all of my students, and all of my colleagues have made the same vicious complaint about my technological deficits. So it was “aimed” at everyone (you know who you are).

      In fact, I drove a great distance today to treat someone to lunch (name omitted to protect the guilty), and what did I get for my troubles? A torrent of abuse about not having a Smartphone, followed by a perfunctory cup of coffee. [Sigh]. But I’m inured to such treatment. You should hear what they’re saying about me on Facebook.

      If people were half as sweet as you, Kate, the world would be a different place. But it isn’t: c’est la vie.

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