Home on the range (Free Range Philosophers)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading Derek Bowman’s interview with Benjamin Jarvis, a Brown philosophy PhD who worked for a bit in a pretty good academic position and then quit academia, got his MBA and now works in business analytics.  Here it is:


Ben is a top-notch philosopher and is exceptionally reasonable and fair-minded in his persistent pursuit of philosophical truth.  This really shines through here in how he sees the good (and bad) in the values and institutions of both academia and the business world.  Also:  Ben is now something of an independent scholar, keeping up in his areas of philosophical expertise and interest at the highest level (he is co-editing a book from Oxford University Press – see below – and publishing articles in good journals).  I aspire to do something like this myself and Ben is a real inspiration.  Anyhow, well worth the read and thanks to Derek Bowman for bringing this material to the interwebs!  (Full disclosure:  Ben and his wife Katherine both studied with me at Brown and were tenants of mine as well.)

In a separate post, I’ll comment on the introduction that Ben and his co-editors wrote to their anthology, Knowledge-First:  Approaches in Epistemology and Mind.  Though this is not my area of expertise, I am curious, have some competent with this material – and have some thoughts to share.  Here’s a link to that introduction:  



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